Monday, October 18, 2010

It happened finally! September 25 I took off from Volgograd airport at 4.00 and after 2.5h landed in the air port of Antalya. One hour later I found Mobicents team in hotel Alva Donna near Belek! It was my first meeting with my team so I was really happy to meet finally everyone.

Big thanks Eduardo for organizing this event when we can mix work and fun, or fun and work. In best traditions the our team work started from big smoke break - we went to rafting

Next day work started. It was a great and productive meetings. We discussed on many interested and important topics. The last year was very important for media server project. We found way how to archive real time requirements for media processing, and implemented SS7 gateway capabilties and finished in front of video.

Presentation was splitted into three parts: Bartek talked about SS7 and Amit focused on general server architecture. My talk was mostly targeted to the physical aspects of media processing and evolution of core engine from version 1.x to 2.x Later I decided to modify slides and make it more Java centric. The modified version can be found here

Outside of the presentation room, durring the chill out time, we also had non stop discussions and since it was my first meeting this time was most interested for me: